Hindi Day

Vagdevi Vilas College inaugurated its Literary Club on September 14,2018. To commemorate the ceremony, the day marked the celebration of Hindi Divas. Various activities and competitions were conducted by the Hindi Department. II PUC students Participated in poetry recitation. They Paid homage to stalwarts  like Neeraj, Ramdhari Singh Divakar, Harivansh Rai, Bachchan etc. through their poems. Degree Students took on their role through their oration on “Contribution of Indian women in the development of India” . PU Juniors participated in J A M (Just a Minute) on various topics like “Impact of celluloid world, “A memorable train Journey”, “Swachh Bharat”, “Mother”, Soldiers and real heroes”.

The Show was drawn to the conclusion though the video presentation when a survey was conducted on faculty members and students. They were asked to present their views and opinions on “Hindi should be the Rajya Bhasha”  The students were imbibed by thoughts presented by principal who made them realise the importance of learning minimum six languages. Various aspect of language has also introduced by Vice principal through his speech.

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